Phuket Tsunami

The Phuket tsunami occurred during the morning of Boxing Day 2004. The timing of the Phuket tsunami could Phuket Tsunaminot have been worse as it was tourist peak season on Phuket and many people were lying on of the Phuket Beaches at the time the massive Phuket tsunami waves hit the island.

Over 7000 people died because of the Phuket tsunami on the 24th of December 2004 and victims included people from all nationalities and all walks of life. Phuket tsunami pictures can found at the end of this section of our online Phuket guide.

Many people don't realize that even the Thai royal family lost a member during the Phuket tsunami as the grandson of the Thai king. Khun Poom Jensen died as he was struck by the tsunami wave while using a jet ski just north of Phuket.

The Phuket Tsunami caused massive damages to the physical infrastructure of the Phuket beach areas such as Patong and Kamala Bay and many hotels and other business were closed for months for repair.

You can see the damage which the Phuket tsunami caused by looking at the Phuket tsunami photos which we have included in this section of our Phuket guide.

Phuket Tsunami PhotosThe Phuket Tourism industry was severely damaged for a long period of time as many travelers cancelled their trip to Phuket and many tourists were afraid that another Phuket tsunami disaster would occur.

Many Asian travelers refused to go to Phuket for some years as they believed that ghosts were all over the island due to the large number of people who died due to the Tsunami in Phuket.

Other industries which suffered a great deal due to the Phuket tsunami include the Phuket fishing industry. Many consumers refused to purchase seafood products such as crab and shrimps as they believed that these sea creatures had been feasting on the many dead bodies which floated in the Andaman Sea.

Fortunately there is little chance that another Phuket tsunami disaster will occur. Please remember that it was the first time that a tsunami ever occurred on Phuket. In case there would ever be a danger of another Phuket tsunami event, measures have been put into place to avoid another tsunami tragedy.

The region is constantly monitored by high tech underwater equipment and in case there is a risk of another Phuket tsunami then the special warning system will make all local residents and tourists aware of the danger and that they should head to higher grounds.

International help after the Phuket tsunami tragedy was massive and countries and people from all over their world send funds, products and services. They assisted the people of Phuket and Thailand in recovering and identifying the dead and to assist in rebuilding Phuket and the various communities that were affected by the Phuket tsunami.

The Phuket orphanage for children whose parents died in the Phuket tsunami recently opened in Phuket town and this was done with funds which the international community donated to the people of Phuket.

Phuket Tsunami Photos

Tsunami on Phuket
Many cars were destroyed during the Phuket tsunami

Phuket Tsunami Tragedy
The Phuket Tsunami caused massive damages to resort areas.

Phuket Tsunami in Patong
This is how Bangla Road in Patong looked after the Phuket Tsunami.

Phuket Tsunami Hotel
A car is floating in a Phuket hotel area due to the Phuket tsunami

Phuket Tsunami Wave
A photographer is running for his life as the Phuket tsunami strikes.
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