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It might come as a surprise to some of you that Phuket Sex is one of the most searched for Phuket related terms in Google. It is obvious that many tourist visit Phuket each year because of the rather lively Phuket sex industry. For those of you that have never been to Phuket before, it might come as a surprise how present and varied the Phuket sex industry is which is why the Phuket guide has created this section on Phuket sex and all that is involved with it.

Many people believe that the Phuket sex industry is fully legal however it in actually not. Prostitution is not legal in Thailand however the law is generally not enforced. What you do need to be careful about in the Phuket sex industry is under aged Phuket sex workers. If you get caught with a minor then you are in a heap of trouble. Just because you find a cute Phuket sex worker in a Phuket beer bar or Phuket disco does not mean that they are of age. It gets even more tricky as some of these Phuket sex workers carry fake ideas and then you will have almost no way in finding out their real age. But to be safe you should always ask for their identification card BEFORE you take them back to your Phuket hotel room.

There are three main centers of the Thailand sex industry which are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Thailand does not in fact have a long history of being a popular sex industry. The real reason why there is a Phuket sex industry as well as those in Bangkok and Pattaya can be traced back to the Vietnam War. Many US troops visited Thailand during their R&R and there were even some US military bases in Thailand during that war. There was for example an US air force base in Korat which was used for bombing missions of North Vietnam. Obviously most of these US troops visiting Thailand wanted some female companionship during the evening hours which is when the Thai sex industry really exploded in places like Pattaya and Bangkok.

Although there is a rather active Phuket sex industry, it is not as large as what you would find in Pattaya and Bangkok. Although there are for example Phuket Beer Bars in most major tourist areas of Phuket, the vast majority of Phuket sex venues are located in Patong beach. This is why most families who are planning their vacation on Phuket decide to stay at a Phuket resort or hotel in other Phuket beach areas such as Kamala Beach, Surin beach or the Phuket Laguna resort area. Single male travelers on the other hand tend to book a Phuket hotel or resort in Patong beach so that they can be near the action of all that the Phuket sex industry has to offer its visitors.

Prices for services provided by Phuket sex professional tend to be higher for some reason then what you would expect to pay in Pattaya, Bangkok or Koh Samui. My guess is that the reason behind this is because Phuket tends to be a somewhat more exclusive holiday destination and that there are few Phuket Bar Girls and Phuket sex venues then what you would encounter in Pattaya or Phuket.

It is hard to list prices for the Phuket sex industry and the services that they provide but please find below a general guideline.

Phuket Bar Girl Short Time - 1000 Thai Baht
Phuket Bar Girl Long Time - 1500 Thai Baht
Phuket Go Go Girl Short Time - 1500 / 2000 Thai Baht
Phuket Go Go Girl Long Time - 2500 / 2500 Thai Baht
Phuket Massage Girl Extra Service - 500 Thai Baht

If you visit the various Phuket nightlife venues such as Phuket clubs then you will also encounter plenty of Phuket sex workers. There are also some stunning and sexy Phuket Girls that you will find there who can charge more than the prices quoted above. The same can apply to some rather stunning Phuket Ladyboys as they often also charge a bit more than the average cost of Phuket sex services.

This Phuket sex section of our Phuket guide also includes information on all the various types of Phuket sex venues where you could meet Phuket sex professionals.

Phuket Beer Bars

The vast majority of Phuket sex workers are employed in one of the hundreds if not thousands of beer bars which can be found on Phuket. Most of the Phuket beer bars are located in Patong beach. You can find all type of Phuket women working at Phuket beer bars. Most of these Phuket sex workers however are from Isaan and come from poor families. If you would like to visit some of these Phuket sex venues then simply walk down Bangla Road in Patong and you will find plenty of Phuket beer bars. If you would like to know more about Phuket beer bars then please visit the Phuket beer bars section of our handy online Phuket guide.

Phuket Go Go Bars

There are not very many Phuket Go Go bars as you would find in Bangkok or Pattaya. Most of the Phuket go go bars are located along Bangla road in Patong beach. The Phuket sex workers who are employed at these types of Phuket sex venues tend to be more beautiful and sexy then the ones which you would meet at one of the Phuket beer bars. If you would like to know more about Phuket Go Go bars then please visit the Phuket Go Go bars section of our handy online Phuket guide.

Phuket Discos

A great place to meet some Phuket freelancers is at one of the Phuket discos. The most popular Phuket discos to find sexy Phuket sex workers are: Phuket Tiger Disco, Phuket Safari Disco, Phuket Seduction Disco and the Phuket Taipan Disco. Most of the Phuket sex professionals that you will find at these Phuket discos are regular Phuket bar girls who head over to these Phuket discos once their Phuket beer bar closes. If you would like to know more about Phuket discos then please visit the Phuket discos section of our handy online Phuket guide. We also have special sections separate sections for various different Phuket discos.

Phuket Massage Shops

Another popular place to find Phuket ladies who are offering some Phuket sex services are the hundreds of Phuket massage shops which you can find all over Phuket. It is worth noting that not all these Phuket massage shops and not all the Phuket massage girls offer special Phuket sex services. However you will not have a problem finding some Phuket sex professionals that work at these types of venues. The going rate for a Phuket happy ending service is around 500 Thai Baht. For more information about getting a special Phuket massage please visit the Phuket massage section of our Phuket travel guide.

Phuket Fishbowl Massage

There is only really one main Phuket fishbowl massage which attracts many foreigners and that is the Phuket Christin Massage parlor in Patong. There are a few dozen girls in a giant fishbowl and you can take them upstairs for a special body to body massage which includes a full Phuket sex service. The cost is generally more expensive then what you would pay to other types of Phuket sex workers. If you would like to know more about the Christin Massage in Phuket then please visit our Phuket Christin Massage section.

Aids in Phuket

There is always a high risk of getting a sexual transmitted disease when having unprotected intercourse with sex professionals which is why it is important to use condoms when partying with Phuket sex professionals. I have personally known more than a few Phuket girls and local expats who have gotten HIV by not using protections. Do not be dumb and do not play Russian roulette in Phuket so be sure to get the proper protection. The Phuket guide also has a rather interesting section on Aids in Phuket so be sure to visit that. You should have all the fun that you want and there are plenty of Phuket sex workers available to help you with that but you should keep it all safe. Please do not throw away your life for a few minutes of fun with a professional from Phuket sex industry.
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