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Many tourists during their vacation on Phuket enjoy going for a nice Phuket massage. Thai massage is famous all around the world however please note that not all the Phuket massage shops are offering the same type of services which I will explain later on. For information on Phuket Christin be sure to visit our dedicated section on Christin massage Phuket.

If you want to go have a proper Phuket massage or even a Phuket oil massage then we recommend for you to visit a authentic Phuket spa during your holiday on Phuket. There are a number of excellent Phuket spas located in all the main resorts areas of Phuket. The cost of having a Phuket massage at a spa will be higher when compared to the prices that the regular massage shops charge however the Thai massage therapists are much better qualified and trained.

The Phuket massage shops which can be found nearly every 50 meters in all of the Phuket beach areas normally offer traditional Thai massage, Phuket oil massage and foot massage. The cost of going to one of these Phuket massage parlors should not be more then 250 THB.

If you had a long day or night and are not feeling to well then you should definitely try one of the Thai foot massages. It is believed that all pain and stress can be relieved by Thai massage therapists by massaging the right places on the foot. If you have never experienced a Thai foot massage then you really need to try one during your next Phuket vacation. You will be able to find a place which offers a Thai foot massage with ease as the Phuket massage shops that offer this type of Thai massage can be found all over Phuket.

Although the quality of the Phuket massage services will normally not be the same as one which you would get at a Phuket spa, there are other benefits at these massage shops.Massage Phuket

The majority of the Phuket massage girls will also try to sell your their special massage at the end of your oil massage. This extra special service does not get offered when you choose for a regular Thai massage.

One of the reasons for this is of course that you will be without any clothes on the mat or massage table is because these clever Phuket girls will try to arouse you into wanting a special service during their session which many travelers visiting Phuket don't seem to mind at all. The extra cost for a special Thai oil massage will be around 500 THB.

Phuket Oil Massage

So if you are not interested in any extra's during your stay on Phuket island then you better stay away from getting a Phuket oil massage and stick to a traditional Thai massage or foot massage. Since a few years, a number of Phuket ladyboy massage parlours have opened. Most of the Phuket ladyboy massage girls can be found along the beach road just north of the Bangla road / Patong Beach road intersection.

There are a number of Phuket massage services which we can highly recommend for any traveler to visit whilst on Phuket island.

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