Phuket Makro

The Phuket Makro store opened a few years back and has quickly become one of the most popular Phuket Shopping venues. Not many tourists visit the Phuket makro shop as this Phuket cash and carry store sell mostly food and consumer items in bulk or large unit sizes. Many Phuket hotels. small shops and Phuket restaurants purchase their products at the Makro Phuket store due to the low prices on many items.

Many local Phuket expats also enjoy going shopping at the Phuket Makro store when they can purchase a television or some other electronic items as discounted prices as well as buying value packs of softdrinks, food products and even toilet paper. If you are living on Phuket with your family then it could be wise to do some shopping in bulk at the Phuket Makro store.

Please note however that you will be asked for your Phuket Makro membership card once you get to the cash register. The only way to get a card for the Makro Phuket store is if you have your own company. There is however an easy way around it and many people do this trick when going shopping at this Phuket shopping venue.

Makro Phuket

Makro Phuket

When you are waiting at the checkout line at Makro Phuket simply ask however is directly infront of you if you can borrow their card for a moment once their finish paying for their shopping. They will certainly allow you to borrow their Makro Phuket card as it is a very normal practise at the Phuket Makro store and the employees of Makro Phuket do not mind at all if you do this.
The Phuket Makro store is open daily from 06:00 until 23:00.

Phuket Makro Location
The Phuket Makro store is located in the Kathu area of Phuket and is located only a short distance away from other popular Phuket shopping venues such as Phuket Big C, Phuket Central Festival, Phuket Index Mall and Phuket Tesco Lotus

Phuket Makro Address: 77 Moo 5, Tumbol Vichit, 83000 Phuket.
Phuket Makro Phone Number: +66-76-249791/800
Phuket Makro Fax Number: +66-76-249801
Phuket Makro E-Mail Address:
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