Phuket Ladyboy

A Phuket ladyboy is basically a beautiful creature which was born a man and now decides to live as a woman.

Many travelers as well as long time expat residents are amazed by the beauty and grace of a Phuket ladyboy and most people will agree that Phuket ladyboys are normally the most beautiful women on Phuket.

If you are traveling to Phuket then you will also come across the phrase: "Phuket Katoey" which is just another word for a Phuket ladyboy.

Phuket Ladyboys

There are a large number of Phuket ladyboys working in the Phuket nightlife venues and there are certain hot spots on Phuket where you will be able to find a large number of beautiful and sexy Phuket ladyboys. For information about the Phuket gay scene please visit the gay Phuket LadyboyPhuket section of our Phuket guide.

If you would like to meet a hot Phuket ladyboy then your best bet would be to head down to Bangla Road and walk down a small soi which is called Soi Katoey which is also known as Soi Crocodile. You will find many beautiful Phuket ladyboys dancing on top of the tables of the Phuket bars and generally having a great time.

Many travelers often don't even realize that they are trying to pick up a Phuket ladyboy as many of the Phuket ladyboys are drop dead gorgeous.Phuket Ladyboys

If you would like to experience a really great Phuket ladyboy massage then you can find more information about this Phuket katoey massage in our Phuket massage section.

Phuket Katoey

Even when you take a Phuket katoey back to your hotel room then they are the masters in hiding the fact that they have all the same tools as you. Many guys who have gone with a Phuket ladyboy during their stay on Phuket swear that it was their best experience ever. Who could possible know what a man likes more then a Phuket ladyboy?

Most of the Phuket ladyboys have either silicon implants or have had hormone treatment. The size of their assets are larger then what you would find on normal Thai ladies. Please do note that most of the Phuket katoeys have not been operated down below so they have a fully operational power tool down below. It is possible however to find a Phuket ladyboy who has transformed herself into a 100% real woman.

How to Spot a Phuket Ladyboy?

If you're looking for specific advice as to how to tell a lady boy from a regular girl, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to accomplish this. Be aware that with recent advances in medicine and surgery techniques, this can be a very difficult feat even for people that deal with lady boys on a daily basis.

If you are simply looking for advice on how to spot a Phuket ladyboy so that you don't end up taking the wrong Phuket babe back to your Phuket hotel room then there are a few things which you can look out for.Phuket Katoey

A good guideline to go by is as follows: If she is too beautiful to be real then she most certainly is a Phuket ladyboy..
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