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Phuket jobs are hard to come by. Phuket is a great place to live and unless you are retired or wealthy then you will have to find a Phuket job if you want to live on Phuket.

Most expats living on Phuket will tell you that there are very few Phuket jobs which are available to expats. Although this might be true, it is very possible to find Phuket employment which is open to foreigners.

The Phuket guide offers you some great insight information on how to find those Phuket jobs which are available to farangs.

For some people it might be more easy to find an available Phuket job as there are plenty of jobs available on Phuket in certain industries including the Phuket hotel industry and the Phuket diving industry. We will list the various type of Phuket jobs which are most frequently available to expats.

Phuket Hotel JobsPhuket Jobs

The industry in Phuket which employs most expats is most certainly the Phuket hotel industry. If you are interested in applying for available Phuket jobs in this industry then please note that you should have a relevant education and work experience.

Another great industry to find Phuket jobs is the Phuket diving industry. If you would really like to live in Phuket then why not get the proper PADI certification so that you can become a Phuket dive instructor? To many people this sounds like the ultimate dream job. Keep in mind that working as a diving instructor is not always fun and the competition between the diving schools is fiercer than you might expect.

Phuket Real Estate Jobs
The Phuket real estate industry is definitely in a boom and more and more Phuket real estate companies are now hiring foreigners to handle the sales. If you have any relevant sales experience and speak several languages then you should be able to find a Phuket job in this industry.

Phuket Teaching Jobs
The easiest way to get a Phuket job is by teaching English or another language at one of the Phuket language schools. Simply get you English teachers degree at one of the language schools and then you will be able to select from plenty of available jobs in Phuket. I know several expats who speak English as a second or third language and who are English teachers in Phuket.

Phuket Timeshare Jobs
There are several Phuket timeshare companies who are actively recruiting timeshare sales people. There are plenty of available Phuket jobs in this industry and they will take on nearly anyone.

Phuket IT Jobs
There is a small but growing Phuket industry and there are a number of Phuket jobs available in this industry. You should check with the large eCommerce companies such as or Asia Web Direct.

Phuket Travel Jobs
One of the largest employers on the island is the Phuket travel industry. There are many large travel companies who have an office on the island including,, Asiantrails and Diethelm Travel. Most of these companies do have Phuket jobs available for which foreigners may apply.

Phuket Job Sites
The following websites frequently have available Phuket jobs for which expats can apply.

  • - Large forum for expats which has a great active jobs section which often includes Phuket employment positions. This site also has a great Phuket forum for if you are looking for any specific information.

  • Jobs - The premier Phuket job site for both Thai and Expat jobseekers on Phuket is They have a large selection of available Phuket jobs which change daily

  • Ehotelier - The largest hotel industry website on the web and it has a great job section which also includes available Phuket hotel jobs.

  • Phuket Gazette - The Phuket Gazette is the main English newspaper on the island and it has an impressive classifieds section which includes a large number of available Phuket jobs open to expats.

  • Thailand Hotelier - Thailand hotelier operates the premier Thai hotelier website and has the leading Thai hotel jobs section which includes mostly jobs in Phuket.

  • Jobbees - One of the oldest and largest Thailand employment sites which frequently has very interesting available job positions in Phuket.

  • Job Thai - Another excellent Thailand recruitment website which you should definitely check out if you are job hunting for Phuket employment.

  • JobsDB - This Thai job site frequently has a large number of open Phuket jobs in their database. If you are looking for a Phuket job then be sure to have a look at their excellent website.

  • Bangkok Post - This is the premier English newspaper in Thailand and they also have a great jobs section. If you are looking for a job in Phuket then be sure to check out this newspaper daily.

  • The Phuket Post - The second English newspaper on Phuket is the Phuket Post. There is both a paper version of this Phuket newspaper as well as an online version and both contain a Phuket classifieds section with available Phuket jobs.

The Phuket guide will continue to add new resources on Phuket employment for foreigners so be sure to bookmark this section on Phuket jobs........

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