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The Phuket immigration department currently operates four different offices. These are the Patong immigration office, the Phuket Immigration head quarters in Phuket city and smaller immigration offices in Chalong and Na Yang beach.

Phuket ImmigrationMost travelers will never require to visit any of the Phuket immigration offices on the island as the hotel in which they stay will submit all the required information to the relevant Phuket immigration department.

Only those travelers seeking an extension on their Thai tourist visa will require to go to one of the Phuket immigration offices.

If you are staying in the Kata / Karon / Patong / Kamala area then the most convenient Phuket immigration office for you to visit would be the Patong immigration office.

Patong ImmigrationMost Phuket expat residents are required to visit one of the Phuket immigration offices from time to time depending on the type of immigration visa which they have.

If you have a 1 year visa then normally will have to report yourself to the Phuket immigration office in Phuket City. For renewals of your Non O visa the Phuket immigration office in Phuket City is also the one where you should go.

Phuket immigration opening hours at the different offices are Monday through Friday from 08:30 until 16:30.

The Phuket guide has created this section because there is in fact a Phuket immigration website however strangely they removed the English section and now all the information about the Phuket immigration department as all in Thai. It obviously makes a lot of sense to have all the information only in Thai as foreigners are the ones which need to find out more information about Phuket immigration, TIT (This is Thailand).

Phuket Immigration Office - Phuket City

The Phuket immigration office in Phuket town is located at the following address:

Head Office Phuket Immigration - 482 Phuket Road, A.Muang, Phuket, 83000 Thailand

The Phuket immigration phone number is: 076-221 905. The Phuket immigration fax number is as follows: 076-212 108

Patong Immigration

The Patong immigration office is located along the Patong beachroad just north of the intersection with Soi Bangla.

The Patong immigration phone number is: 076-340 477
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