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Phuket girls are among the main reasons why Phuket has become such a popular travel destination. If you think that tourists are only coming to Phuket because of the beautiful Phuket Beaches then you are wrong.

Many single travelers come to Phuket because of the sexy Phuket girls who are working in the various Phuket Bars and other nightlife venues. There are also many expats living on Phuket because of these hot Phuket girls. They came on holiday once to Phuket, met a lovely Phuket girl and decided that Phuket was paradise and never returned back home.

Most of the Phuket girls that you will find in Patong Beach or at one of the other Phuket beach areas are actually not from Phuket.

The majority of the girls on Phuket are in fact from Isaan which is located north east of Bangkok. Many of these Phuket Girlsgirls move down to Phuket hoping that they can earn good money or possible even find a foreign husband while working as a Patong girl in one of the beer bars.

Please be careful with these cute Phuket girls as many guys fall head over heels in love with these hot Phuket girls. These beautiful Phuket bar girls certainly know how to manipulate and will try to get as much money out of you as possible.

I don't want to spoil your holiday but please do read my thoughts on the Phuket Aids situation among these sexy Thai girls.

Phuket Girl

Once your vacation is finished then end the relationship with the Phuket girl you have been saying. Otherwise she will keep asking you for money as she does with all the other guys she has met while working in Phuket.

Trust us, you are not the only guy in the life of these Phuket girls. Why do you Girls Phuket think that the Phuket Western Union offices are doing such great business? For more information and pictures of some really hot Phuket girls be sure to visit out Phuket babes page. There you will find some really amazing sexy Thai girls.

There are many different types of Phuket girls and the Phuket guide will explain in a bit more detail about these Phuket girls.

Phuket Bar Girls

These Phuket girls work in the Phuket beer bars which can be found in all major tourist areas on Phuket. These Phuket bar girls actually work as entertainers and hostesses in these Phuket bars however you are able to take them out of the bar back to your hotel. More information about these Phuket girls can be found in our Phuket bar girls section.

Normally you will have to pay a bar fine to the actually Phuket beer bar and then the Phuket girl in question is Phuket Girlfree to go back to your place. Please note however that you have to negotiate a separate financial agreement with the Phuket bar girl for any entertainment back at your hotel. How high the bar fine is depends both on the establishment you are dealing with and partially on your negotiation and haggling skills.

As a reference, The normal price for short time with a Phuket Bar Girl is 1000 THB and 1500 THB for an all nighter. You can also meet these Phuket girls after the Phuket beer bars close at one of the Phuket discos such as the Phuket Safari club or at the Phuket Tai Pan.

Phuket Go Go Girls - These Phuket girls are employed at one of the Phuket go go bars. These Phuket girls can be found dancing and performing on stage and they normally have a number pinner on their bikini.

Phuket Go Go GirlsIf you find a Phuket girl of your liking then you simply tell the waitress or manager of the go go bar which number you like and she will be brought over to you so that you can have a chat.

Phuket go go girls are normally a bit more expensive then regular Phuket bar girls and the bar fine of these Phuket girls also tends to be about double then the regular Phuket beer bar fine. Many Phuket go go bars have rooms upstairs where you can take these Phuket girls for short time or you take them back to your Phuket hotel. Short time normally costs about 1500 THB with these Phuket go go girls and 2500 THB for long time.

Phuket Escort Girls - Read more about these type of Phuket girls in our special section on Phuket escort girls.

Another type of Phuket girls are Phuket ladyboys. For more information about these type of Phuket girls please check out our Phuket ladyboy section.

Phuket Bar Girls

Phuket Massage Girls - These type of Phuket girls are also very popular with many visitors. Some of the finest Phuket massage girls can be found at the Christin massage parlor in Patong. You will certainly have a very special experience with these Phuket girls..
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Phuket Girls