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A Phuket forum is a great place to meet other travelers who are planning a trip to Phuket or who have already visited Phuket and sharing great travel tips about Phuket. The Phuket guide has made an overview down below of some of the most popular Phuket forum sites.

Phuket ForumThere are also a number of Phuket forums where local residents are members.

A great Phuket forum for example where local Phuket expats hang out is at the Thai Visa Phuket forum.

If you are looking for information about what's happening in the Phuket nightlife then there is also a great Phuket forum which you should sign up with.

The Phuket Info forum is the leading Phuket forum and you will be able to find an answer to any questions which Phuket Forumsyou might have about the nightlife in Phuket and about Phuket bar girls.

Unfortunately there are not a great deal of active Phuket chat sites and those Phuket chat sites that are somewhat active at times generally are part of one of the Phuket forum websites.

The Phuket guide has listed down below a number of Phuket chat sites as well as other Phuket forums.

Phuket Forums

  • Thai Visa Phuket Forum - Thaivisa. com is the leading Thailand expat site and they have a great Phuket forum. Travelers are more then welcome to post any questions they may have in the forum on Phuket section.

  • Phuket Info Forum - One of the best Phuket forums which you can visit to find out more about the spectacular Phuket nightlife is at the Phuket forum which is operated by the owner of the Phuket Mai Thai bar. This Phuket forum offers excellent information about Patong beach and has its very own Phuket webcam.

  • Teakdoor Phuket Forum - Another very popular Thailand expat site is and they have a interesting Southern Thailand forum which includes posts and information about Phuket.

  • Asia Web Direct Phuket Forum - The Phuket forum of Asia Web Direct is one of the best forums about Phuket for travelers planning a trip to Phuket.

  • Tripadvisor Phuket Forum - If you are looking for a informative and active Phuket travel forum then you best bet is the Phuket forum of

Phuket Chat

  • Phuket Chat - The popular Phuket forum site at also has a Phuket chat section. At times you will find many people using this Phuket chat site and at other times you could be the only one. So just give it a try a few times! 

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