Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong

During my recent exploration of the Chalong area of Phuket I visited the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong. I was a bit surprised to see the change in name as for many years this restaurant in Chalong was known as Jimmy’s Lighthouse and it was always a very popular restaurant with yachties and expats. It seems that Jimmy moved on to greener pastures and sold it to a group of investors who also own a hotel in Patong beach as well as major holdings in Bangkok. Even though the Chalong lighthouse has now changed owners, the restaurant still offers a lot of charm and the food menu has remained pretty much the same as when Jimmy still ran the lighthouse restaurant in Chalong.

One of the things which I have always liked about the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong is that its located along the water and right next to the Chalong pier. You can enjoy looking at all the ships and other types of watercrafts whilst enjoying a good meal and a cold beer. The interior of the Lighthouse Restaurant in Chalong is also worth mentioning as the interior includes a lot of wood including beautiful wooden chairs and tables and lots of nautical memorabilia which is of course ideal considering the location of the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong, formally known as Jimmy’s Lighthouse Phuket.

The new staff at the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong all seemed to speak English reasonably well but they weren’t all that friendly which didn’t used to be the case when Jimmy still ran the place. The menu at this lighthouse restaurant in Chalong Bay is as mentioned similar to back when it was still Jimmy’s Lighthouse however I did notice a relatively big increase in price. Perhaps this explains why there were hardly any customers at the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong. In the past I always saw plenty of customers there but the restaurant’s popularity seems to have disappeared under the new owners which are probably due to the prices and the staff working there.

However the food is still very nice and I would definitely recommend the Lighthouse Restaurant in Chalong to any expat or tourist. The location remains outstanding and it’s just nice to have a meal outside of the tourist areas. There is a large pool table at the Lighthouse in Chalong for those of you that enjoy playing a game of pool after your meal.

In case you are looking for a nice waterfront guesthouse in Chalong or simply enjoyed a few too many beers at the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong then please note that there are guestrooms for rent upstairs above the restaurant. The rooms are well maintained and are comfortably furnished and the prices range between 800 and 1200 Thai Baht per night.

If you would like to visit the Lighthouse Restaurant in Chalong then simply go to the Chalong Circle and take the small road which leads to the Chalong pier. Find your way down to the waterfront and take the small road to the left and then continue for about 60 meters and you will see the Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong on your left hand side. Please find below the contact information for this Chalong Bay restaurant.

Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong Contact Information

Lighthouse Restaurant Chalong
Kata Road, Chalong Circle
Chalong, Phuket
Telephone: +66 - 76 – 280840
Fax: +66 - 76 - 280841
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Lighthouse Restaurant ChalongLighthouse Restaurant ChalongLighthouse Restaurant ChalongLighthouse Restaurant Chalong