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A great way to learn more information about a holiday destination is by visiting an online forum. If you would like to visit a Khao Lak forum then there are different Khao Lak forums which you can join. The great thing about a Khao Lak forum is that you can not only find a wealth of information but you are also able to ask questions to fellow travelers who have already been on vacation in Khao Lak and also to local expat residents and even Thai residents. This way you can find all the information you require about Khao Lak and this will allow you to be able to plan well your next trip to Khao Lak in Thailand.

You should not forget however to also post your experiences and your thoughts about your hotel or resort on the Khao Lak forum. This will allow other users also to find the information they are looking for and learn from your holiday experience in Khao Lak.

The handy online Phuket travel guide has listed and reviewed for you some of the main Khao Lak forums which you should definitely have a look at and possible become a member with.

Khao Lak Forums

Trip Advisor Khao Lak Forum – One of the busiest Khao Lak travel forums is the one which is part of the Trip Advisor site. You can find a wealth of information about the various different Khao Lak Hotels and resort as well as on various restaurants, bars and tourist activities. Be sure to check out this excellent Khao Lak forum at the following link:

Khao Lak Forum – This excellent Khao Lak forum targets a German speaking audience and it thus ideal for travelers from Germany, Switzerland or Austria that are interested in visiting Khao Lak. A lot of local German speaking expats from Khao Lak also use this handy Khao Lak forum. You can visit this forum about Khao Lak at the following link:

Virtual Tourist Khao Lak Forum – Another very popular international travel forum is the Virtual Tourist site which also has an outstanding Khao Lak forum which targets English speaking travelers and tourists as well as local Khao Lak expat residents. You can visit this great Khao Lak forum at the following link:

Khao Lak Lovers Forum – This is one of my favorite Khao Lak forums. At times it can be very busy at this Khao Lak forum and at times it can be rather quiet however there is certainly a wealth of information about Khao Lak which visitors can find at the Khao Lak Lovers Forum. If you are interested in visiting this forum on Khao Lak then please visit the following link:

My Khao Lak Forum – This is the latest Khao Lak forum that has been put online and although it is rather new, I am expecting great things from this forum about Khao Lak. You can visit this Khao Lak forum at the following link:

Asia Web Direct Khao Lak Forum – Asia Web Direct forums offer information about Phuket and the surrounding area which includes Khao Lak. You can visit their travel forums at the following link: http://

Thai Visa Forum – The largest Thailand forum for both travelers and local expats is most certainly Thai Visa dot com. Be sure to visit the Thai Visa forum and check out their Khao Lak forum. You can visit Thai Visa at the following link: .
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