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Christin Massage Phuket is a rather famous Phuket attraction for many single travelers and even some open minded couples visiting Phuket. What makes Christin massage Phuket parlor so special and well known is the fact that it is the only Thai massage parlor of its kind in Patong. In this article we will have a look at what makes it so special, what the massage girls look like and how much Christin Massage costs.

Christin Massage PhuketThere are a few massage parlors in Phuket town which offer similar services to the Patong Christin massage parlor however few tourists ever visit these Phuket oil massage parlors which have mostly Thai clients. Most travelers staying at a hotel at one of the Phuket beaches along the west coast of the island prefer visiting Cristine massage Phuket parlor as its a bit of pain to visit Phuket town for a Phuket massage as it is on the other side of the island.

So what should you expect at the Phuket Christins massage parlor in Patong? Well The Phuket guide will explain that in further detail so that you can make up your mind if you should visit this Phuket fishbowl massage parlor and enjoy a wonderful Phuket oil massage.

Phuket Massage

Patong Christin MassageLet me start of by explaining why a place like Christin massage Phuket is called a Phuket fishbowl massage parlor. The reason is because all the Phuket massage girls which are working at Patong Christins massage are sitting behind a glass window and it seems that these Phuket massage girls are sitting in a giant fishbowl. It certainly is very different then if you were to visit a regular Phuket Spa or Phuket massage parlor.

Phuket Christin massage prices depends on which one of the Patong massage ladies you select as there are different categories of Patong Christin massage ladies. You can choose from the regular Phuket girls, the special VIP girls and even the super VIP Phuket Christins girls. Prices for a session at the Christine massage Phuket parlor range from 1500 THB to 2500 THB for a 90 minute Phuket unique massage which is also known as a unique Phuket oil massage. As of writing these lines, this translates into 40 to 80 US Dollars for one and a half hours of relaxation time.

Prices at Christin Massage

We have compiled historical pricing information from various sources for the massage. In October 2010, a guest reported paying 2300 THB and 2800 for the better girls. Another guest reported paying 1800 THB in 2009. It seems they have increased the prices even further. Nowadays, you can expect to pay 3000 or more for the same pleasure. It is up to you to decide whether that is worth it. From my perspective, it really depends. Christin is a true institution. It has been on the market for years and years and many people, especially Asian tourists from China or Korea frequent the place. More and more Europeans are jumping on the bandwagon and enjoying themselves at this massage parlour.

We have received updated prices for the year 2015 from one of our readers. He mentions that the price has gone up again and is now standing at 3300 THB for a duration of 75 minutes. He also reports that they used to divide up the girls into three categories. Now there's only one category and you pay a fixed price.

Phuket Christine Massage

Phuket Christine MassageAnyway. so when you arrive at the Phuket Christine massage parlour you will be greeted at the entrance by some staff who will take you to the first floor of the Patong Christin massage building. You will be seated at a table and will be asked by the manager of Phuket Cristin massage parlor if you would like to have a drink and what type of Phuket massage service you are interested in.

From your seat you will be able to see all the Phuket babes who are working at the Christin massage Phuket parlor. Most of the Phuket massage girls are dressed in attractive clothing and they have numbers on their dress.

Once you see a hot Phuket massage girl of your liking you should inform the manager which number you like. He will inform the girl that she has been picked and then the two of you will go upstairs to one of the private rooms of the Phuket Christins massage parlor for your remarkable Phuket massage session.

The rooms at this Phuket massage parlor all have air-conditioning, television, a large double bed and a bath tub. The Christin massage Phuket girl will draw a nice warm bath for the two of you and once the tub is filled you will get into the tub.

The lovely Patong Christine massage girl will bath and clean you and will make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the bath so that you will certainly have a unforgetable time at this massage Phuket parlor.

Once you are finished with your bath, the Christine massage Phuket lady will take you over to an inflatable mattress on which she will give to you a world famous Thai oil massage. She will use all her assets in this Phuket massage service which is also known as a unique Phuket oil massage and this is one of the reasons why Christin massage in Patong is such as popular Phuket massage venue for many Phuket travelers.

Once the wonderful Thai oil massage is finished and you are ready to have further enjoyment with your Phuket massage girl then you will go for the final Phuket massage on the bed. The Phuket oil massage experience at Christin massage Phuket parlor is the highlight of the vacation for many of tourists visiting Phuket.

If you are a couple visiting Phuket and the both of you would like to enjoy a unique Phuket massage then you will certainly be more then welcome at the Christine massage Phuket venue. A number of the Patong Christin massage girls also offer all the same services including the famous Thai oil massage to female clients and couples can either share a room or get separate rooms at the Phuket Christins massage parlor.

Please note that some visitors consider the Phuket massage services provided at Christin massage in Phuket to be a bit unfriendly and somewhat automated. Other guests however find the lovely Phuket oil massage services excellent. Visit the Christine massage Phuket parlor atleast once and decide for yourself if you like this type of Phuket massage venue.

Safety at Christin Massage

Another question that comes up quite often in that of safety. In times of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, taking the necessary precautions is key to staying healthy. Always use a condom in any sexual relationship and stay on the safe side. Do not engage in any practices that may result in exchange of bodily fluids.

Phuket Massage

Patong Christin Massage

The location and contact information of the Patong Christin Massage parlor is as follows:

Phuket Christin Massage
206 Rat-U-Thit Road
Patong Beach
Telephone: +66-76-340 369
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Christin Massage Phuket